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Verminators for animal removal and trapping in all of Atlanta. We trap and get rid of bees, bats, birds, rats, squirrels, flying squirrels, beaver, raccoon, opossum, snakes, fox, coyote, armadillo, and more.
Evict the Squirrels in your attic before they cause serious damage. Verminators affordably get rid of nuisance squirrels in three easy steps.
How to get rid of rats fast! Is your home being invaded with rat infestation? Verminators eliminate rats from your attic and home quickly. Verminators low cost rat control and begin immediately!
Beaver Trapping and Beaver Dam Removal - Trapper Kevin guarantees he can trap Beaver in your ponds and lakes! We remove the Dams and restore your ponds as well
We Remove Flying Squirrels in your attic - Verminators remove Flying Squirrels in homes affordably. Permanently removing flying squirrels requires a trained wildlife professional.
We trap and remove Raccoons in attics Verminators remove Raccoons from attics the same day. We are licensed trappers with GA DNR. We repair raccoon damage as well.
Get rid of Opossum in crawlspaces and under decks. Do you have an Opossum in your attic, basement, ceilings, or crawlspaces in your home? Verminators affordably Opossum trap and remove Opossum in your backyard and under the deck.
Attic, Crawlspace, and Basement cleanup. Verminators of Snellville clean and restore attics by removing all rodent and wildlife feces, nesting, soiled insulation, tunneling, pheromones and bacteria. "Better homes and attics!"
How to get rid of woodpeckers for good! Verminators are expert for fixing woodpecker damage correctly to keep the woodpeckers away. We also install the proper detterents to keep them away. Verminators guarantee we will get rid of nuisance woodpeckers.


Permanent Animal Exclusion

Wildlife Inspection

1. The Home Inspection. The first step towards a quiet, animal free attic is a complete and thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. In the attic (basement, crawlspace, and walls), locate nesting, feces, tunneling and other signs of infestation. Identify any damage the animals make have caused to your home such as chewing on wires, living in boxes, etc... Find the exterior holes that the animals are using to enter your attics, walls, and homes.

Animal Removal

2. Install a Squirrel Exit Tunnel. Locate the animals main point of entry into your attic. Once identified, an Animal Exit Tunnel will temporarily install on the outside of this hole, on the outside of the structure. This exit device allows any squirrels still inside to exit without re-entry. This eliminates the need to trap the animals inside your attic. Animals can cause more damage if you lock them inside the attic without a way to get out.

Animal Proofing

3. Animal Proof your home! We animal proof every opening on your roof and more! Verminators have identified all existing openings or potentinally vulnerable areas that squirrels are either using now or could use in the future. Verminators use only the best quality materials for animal proofing your homes and businesses. Verminators have long guaranteed animal proofing.

Verminators Information

Verminators, Atlanta's favorite animal experts!

Verminators trap, remove, and exclude nuisance squirrels, rats, bats, bees, raccoons, opossum, beaver, fox, skunks, armadillo, snakes coyote in your homes, businesses and properties. Verminators are expert trappers of beaver, fox, coyote, raccoons, opossum, squirrels and more! We are licensed and permitted by GA Department of Natural Resources


Verminators clean attics, basements, and crawlspaces

Verminators clean and restore attics, basements, and crawlspaces. We remove all animal feces, urine, soiled insulation, nesting, tunneling, and harborage. We recondition remaining insulation and add new insulation. We sanitize to rid bacteria and deodorize to eliminate pheromones.


Verminators Handcrafted Animal Safety Exit Tunnel

The Verminators Animal Exit Tunnel is the only humane animal eviction device on the market! No time is wasted on unnecessary trapping appointments! Does not kill off our wildlife industry! Ensures 100% Animal removal! More affordable than trapping! No relocation of animals necessary! No animal suffering! No animal deaths! Install an Animal Safety Exit Tunnel over the chewed animal entrypoint. This device will allow the animals one exit without re-entry.